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Graduating from NMIMS Bangalore in 2015 to working with Tata AIG as Chief Manager, Auto – the journey has been challenging as well as satisfying. I have now, more than 5 years of work experience in General Insurance Industry including 1-Year international assignment in France. In my current role, I am responsible for formulating Product Strategy for Motor Insurance. Previously, my responsibilities included Shareholder Reporting and Strategic Planning.
Transitioning across the different profiles seemed difficult initially, but the experience I had at NMIMS Bangalore made it easier. In the hindsight, I can say that the 2 years spent at NMIMS equipped me with the key skills required at my workplace. Life at NMIMS always challenged me to bring out the best of me – be it Leadership skills while heading the Finance Club, Time Management while completing the multiple group assignments with tight deadlines or Competitive Attitude while participating in various fests.
I would like to express my gratitude to all the faculties – for not just imparting the knowledge but also preparing me for the professional life ahead. Cheers to all the friends for all the fun and parties. To all the current students I would say – 2 years might seem like ages but it will pass by like a flash of lightning so study hard and party harder :)

Maulik Patel – PGDM 04
I took a break from my job to pursue PGDM from NMIMS in 2013 and got placed in a pharmaceutical company in 2015.I started as a Management Trainee and in 6 years I am a Senior Manager in an EdTech firm in Business Process domain.
The holistic education + knowledge provided by NMIMS made it easy for me to transcend in management roles within industries. My key skills that were developed at NMIMS were time management, communication skills and business principles/strategy thanks to the faculty members. The time spent there prepared me to tackle business issues from diverse functions in the organization.
To the students who will be taking up the course, my message is these 2 years focus on picking up knowledge from your faculty, batchmates and various guest lectures that are organized by the college. The life at NMIMS will provide you an opportunity to interact with students from different B-Schools through various events organized year around. So just do your thing and enjoy!

Kushagra Ranjan – PGDM 04
Proprietor - Metro Aluminium @ Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
Exclusive dealer for Jindal Aluminium & Flexibond Aluminium composite panels
My experience at NMIMS was Pure Bliss. Confidence, Knowledge and Persistence was what I inherited from NMIMS culture in 2 years. My interest in Entrepreneurship found immense exposure at NMIMS. The privilege of learning under specialist teaching faculty is something I would owe NMIMS forever. Freedom to Experts in their field, to share their knowledge and experience, allowed our teaching staff to go beyond books, with unconventional methods to expand our horizon in the subject and sharing possible future trends which would make us Future ready for new possibilities. This wouldn’t have been possible without the NMIMS culture. It's the very DNA of NMIMS, that brings the best out of the student and nurtures him to take head start in real world. I was Extremely privileged to be part of NMIMS and Proud to tell that NMIMS still cares for us and would always remain to do so. That's what NMIMS culture is.!

Aashish Jain - PGDM 02
Finance Consultant @ Dell Technologies PGDM 2011-2013
It has been 7+ years since I graduated from the NMIMS MBA program and got recruited to work for one of the leading technology firms.
Since then I have been able to work in diverse finance roles across geographies. Moving to Singapore and into this position was a big career move for me, and MBA program laid the foundation to this successful journey. The program helped me develop adequate skill sets required in the dynamic global environment.
When I started on my MBA, I was hoping that my degree would provide me with the credentials and business acumen to someday take on a high impacting/business critical role. I have to say that your NMIMS MBA program gave me a lot more than I expected.
The greatest benefit of the program was much more than the "piece of paper” that I received at the end. It was the confidence it gave me to pursue, win, and accept challenging roles. The MBA program has improved my credibility, confidence and ability to influence others. The activities and assignments encouraged me to interact with people and, in turn, grow as a person. Thanks to the faculty of the MBA program, I know that I have all of the tools to be a successful and ethical leader.
I truly enjoyed my time in the program and the investment I made there is changing my future for the better.

Mayank Jeloka – PGDM 02

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