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NMIMS students pep up with TEDx talks

The public relations cell of NMIMS Bangalore organised TEDx virtually on January 16. The theme of the event was "Redefining Yardsticks,” and the discourse revolved around the changing norms, conventions and roles in contemporary times. In the fast-paced world that we live in today, it is important to revisit and break free from the norms that we were bound by several decades ago. The event was supported by the title partner — Eclectic Designs, gifting partners La Fumet, Epiphany Snacks, and Shakti Exclusive, and videography partner Abhay Gandhi.

The speakers include Dalip Tahil, renowned Indian film, television and theatre actor; Pia Sutaria, performing artist, model and the artistic director at ICMD India; Chetna Vasishth, founder, online chat show in the career and education space ChetChat; Nabila Jamshed, humanitarian, public speaker, and author; Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi, doctor, best-selling author, and stand-up comedian; Varun Sridhar, CEO, Paytm Money; Onkar K Khullar, famously known as Digital Gandhi, iauthor of three books, and founder of three companies; Tridha Choudhary, film actor.

Strategy Conclave

The strategy and consulting Club conducted its annual event Strategy Conclave, in association with the skincare brand Pink Woolf, on January 17. The theme for the conclave was "Crossroads of Modern World: Technology and Democracy” and it was intended to draw attention to major landscapes of corporate houses in India.

The conclave was kickstarted by the Director of NMIMS Bangalore, Dr Rajendra Nargundkar and followed by a very unique perspective by the mentor of Paramarsh Club, Prof Harsh Vardhan. The speakers then shared their views about the theme, followed by the closing remarks by Professor Emeritus Dr Suresh Mony with the concluding remarks by the President of the Club, Maithili Rao.

The discussion started with Prof Harsh setting the context speaking about subjects ranging from ancient Athenian history to the current day WhatsApp controversy about privacy. He touched upon the nine tech firms that account for 14 per cent of world GDP and about 10 to 11 per cent of the world’s stock market capitalisation. He also talked about tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, and how they have the power to use information in a way that would work in the their favour.

Akshat Mohindra, Global Account Manager, Cisco; Praveen Sharma, Marketing and Growth Hacking Manager, EY; Sushant Dayal, Nutrition Head, Amway; Bindiya Bhatt, Director, Myntra; Ipsit Bibhudarshi, Zonal Servicing Marketing Manager, Maruti Suzuki India limited; and Niharica Singh, Principal, Organizational Development, Infosys addressed the students. The intellectual exchange of ideas enabled students to see beyond what meets the eye and encouraged them to develop a unique perspective about some of the pertinent topics in today’s world.

Redefining Yardsticks at TEDx NMIMS Bangalore!

The Public Relations Cell of NMIMS Bangalore organized TEDx virtually on 16th January 2021! The theme of the event was 'Redefining Yardsticks', majorly revolving around the changing norms, conventions, and roles around us. In the ever-changing, fast-paced world that we live in today, it is very important to revisit and break-free from the norms that we were bound by several decades ago. The event is aimed at inspiring individuals to become the wind beneath the wings of the people around them and letting them fly high.

The event was commenced by the respected Director of NMIMS Bangalore, Mr. Rajendra Nargundkar. Esteemed speakers, ranging from corporate and government officials, artists, actors, authors, and doctors graced the event with their unique and inspiring ideas, all converging towards 'Redefining Yardsticks' in their respective professions. The students, alumni, faculty, corporates, and many other attendees were truly inspired by the speakers' talks. There was also a special performance by an upcoming artist and music composer, Mr. Varun Jain.

Words of wisdom 

Mr. Dalip Tahil, a renowned film, theatre, and TV actor spoke about the redefined role of women in the industry. Mr. Tahil highlighted that the cinema industry is the most prominent platform showcasing women’s status and is a true reflection of what is happening in society. He emphasized that change definitely has occurred, but there is a lot more to come!

Mr. Onkar Khullar, a social entrepreneur, and an artist spoke on "Content is the New Drug”. Mr. Khuller shared a very interesting concept of Content Diet – The content you consume is reflected in you. With the advent of the digital world, a break is much needed from the overdose to fuel your imagination and subconscious mind. There should be a shift in focus from consuming more to creating more!

Ms. Nabila Jamshed, a humanitarian, public speaker, and author spoke about Biodefence and how our planet is on the frontlines of the future risks due to it. Ms. Jamshed highlighted the concept of the Doomsday clock and emphasized the need to understand environmental degradation as a vector for multi-dimensional poverty. It is high time to address human security as an integral part of national security.

Ms. Tridha Choudhury, an Indian film actress featured predominantly in regional movies and OTT platforms talked about redefined film industry with the advent of OTT platforms. She highlighted the ease of accessibility that the OTT platform has given to both actors and viewers. Ms. Tridha emphasized the need to stop the exploitation of creative liberty that this platform provides.

The little things that matter 

Mr. Varun Sridhar, the CEO of PayTM Money and veteran in the business domain talks about the crisis in his talk. According to him, a crisis is a fantastic opportunity as it gets you going. Talking about Financial services, he highlighted the point that the most important things, that is, Intelligence quotient, Emotional Quotient, People Quotient, Technology quotient, and Data quotient are coming together in this new era!

Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi, an ENT surgeon, author, inventor talked about thinking out of the box, moving out of the comfort zone, accepting unpredictability, failures, and mistakes to stand out. According to him, being unconventional helps us in coming up with unconventional yardsticks and goals, which might help in achieving extraordinary success.

Ms. Chetna Vasishth, the founder of Chet Chat talked about the importance of having multiple skills. The jack of all trades can be a master of some. According to her, the key trait that sets one business leader apart from another is the willingness to learn and keep learning. She highlighted that multifaceted individuals are more likely to futureproof their careers.

Pia Sutaria, a professional dancer, educator, and founder of the ICMD, started her talk by recalling the turning point of her life as a dancer. For an event, she was given an opportunity to perform Ballet on an Indian track wearing a lehenga. This opportunity made her believe that Ballet can be as Indian as anything else and that’s how she founded her institution to provide vocational education to young students who want to pursue dance as their career.

he event and the speakers provided a fresh perspective on redefining yardsticks. It is time to break free and revisit the conventional ways of measuring success, roles, and ideas. The talks aimed at expanding horizons and inspired everyone to think outside the box!
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