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But just what do we mean by "leadership?” It would appear to be the capacity to look ahead, think ahead, plan ahead and then influence other people to go ahead in the plan.

— Ralph C. Smedley, Founder, Toastmasters International

About the Club

The Toastmasters club of NMIMS Bangalore is all about grooming the leader within you. All of us at some point of our lives get an opportunity to become a Leader, and a leader’s prime responsibility is to inspire, lead by an example and instill commitment and passion within people through continuous motivation. To achieve such purpose and seize the opportunity, Oratory skills are the ones which play a major role. Words have the power to conquer the world and it is upon us to communicate our ideas effectively to the team which makes us stand apart from others. With that been said, a leader’s duty is to not only speak but to also listen, consolidate the best ideas from teammates and forge them into an effective strategy. Afterall, Teamwork is Power!!

The NMIMS Bangalore Toastmasters club is one of the renowned clubs in its area. It is one of the well-established, reputed and most active students’ Toastmasters club, which is in the league of IIM-B Toastmasters Club (another institutional club run by its alumni).

The meetings at Toastmasters club are full of fun and learnings unlike any other forum. Here, we provide a platform to the students to express themselves without restrain, polish their ideas, help them craft their personalities and most importantly empower them. Empower by the way of confidence and networking. Students get ample opportunities to collaborate with external Toastmasters club including the ones from giant corporate companies which helps them be known to many and allows room for personal branding.

Afterall it is a big brand on your resume, therefore a win-win situation.

The Testimonials

Ever since the establishment of the club in 2016, it has nurtured several meritorious students who are now an esteemed Alumnus of the Institution. They were those path breakers who performed exceptionally at various platforms both within and outside the club and earned substantial recognition across Top B – schools. The Toastmasters Club of NMIMS, Bangalore feels proud and blessed to have them as mentors who constantly keep in touch with their juniors to guide them through the thick and thin.

Thriving on Challenges – The 2020/21 Journey

The academic year 2020-21 witnessed a disruption in form of the pandemic which forced various institutional Toastmasters club across the globe to shift to the Virtual mode of meeting so as to respect the social distancing norms. However, such challenges did not deter the motivation of the club members as we reached our 100th Milestone meeting and celebrated the same with a grand event in a joint collaboration with the prestigious Provokta – The Toastmasters club of IIM Raipur.

The Junior and Senior members of the club showcased their talents on various occasions in form of winning performances in different types of Oratory competitions throughout the year, thus raising the name of their Alma Mater. Amid the challenges of the pandemic, the club created several learning and networking opportunities for its members to hone their speaking skills, forge their personality and get mentored by experts from the industry whilst enjoying themselves along the way. One such honor was to host the esteemed chief guest Jai Narayan in our 96th Toastmasters meeting, when he provided a mentoring session to the students on "How to craft an effective speech and tell a story” along with all the motivation they need to face an audience.

The right guidance, at the right time from the right mentor instilled a sense of confidence in the students of the club who then took initiative to represent the club at the district level competition "Tall tales” at the event "Euphoria” organized by the contest chair of District 121, Area E4.

Overall, the Toastmasters club of NMIMS Bangalore witnessed a stellar year in terms of overall success. Finishing the year strongly is an example of how true Leadership stands strong despite the challenges. Perhaps it is true, that when Life throws lemons at you, make a lemonade!!!

And that is exactly what we do all throughout the year at the Leadership club of NMIMS, Bangalore.

We are not just a club. We are a Family!!

Contact Details:

Email ID:

  1. President: Husein Contractor,, +91-90290 70752
  2. Vice president – Education: Nupur Mishra,, +91-8115534653
  3. Vice president – Education: Sheikh Nazrana,, +91-9340928581
  4. Vice President – Membership: Swapnel Desai,, +91-8879083085
  5. Vice President – Membership: Inamul Hassan,, +91-89195 90813
  6. Vice President – Public Relations: Kinjal Gandhi,, +91-9425911337
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