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MUDRA is the Finance club of NMIMS-Bengaluru. Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means symbol or token of currency, hence emphasizes the importance of "money”. MUDRA encourages participation and discussions on major economic and finance related issues and gives students an edge by building their financial acumen.

We believe that in this global world, we should not only be concerned with our economic policies but also connect the dots; and critically understand various policies adopted by the governments and the financial institutions over the world.

Role of Mudra Club:

The club is a student-driven initiative which comprises of a core group of both senior and junior members who are passionate about knowledge-sharing and learning about the intricacies of finance in a fun way. It organizes a number of events to ensure that the students are better prepared to handle the nuances of the financial services industry. It focuses on extending the practical finance education with job specific knowledge and connect members with other finance professionals and corporates. The club aims to disseminate the knowledge of finance amongst its seekers and provide a platform to students to showcase their talent by means of various inter and intra college events, guest lectures, workshops, information sessions about careers/companies and virtual stock trading competitions.


2020 was a productive year for Mudra as it organized a series of events, and discussions –

Fincepts- Through regular posting of basic Finance Concepts under Fincepts, the club strengthened the understanding of concepts and their real-world applications.

Quizzes & Competitions- The club organized finance-based quizzes on platforms like D2C, which helped in testing and enhancing financial acumen. The club also assisted in other competitions and research challenges.

Webinars– The club conducted many informative webinars on financial modelling, stock markets, etc.

Learning Initiatives- Doubt-solving sessions were conducted by the seniors to help juniors with exams, competitions, etc.

This year, carrying the legacy ahead, Mudra plans to incorporate many more exciting events, workshops, etc. like Business Valuation Models, Discussion Forums, Finance Week, Stock Trading Simulations.

Learning Initiative- Seniors from the batch helped clear the doubts of the juniors before their mid-term exams on key financial concepts.

This year apart from the events mentioned above, Mudra plans many exciting events, workshops, discussions etc. like- Stock Trading Simulations, Business Valuation Models, Discussion Forums and so on.

We are active on several social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. We post regular financial content to enhance the finance learning experience

Stay tuned for more!!

Contact Details:

Vivek Dhingra (President),, +91-9711111608

Vinita Khambe (Vice President),, +91-9422524669

Sachi Anand (Vice President),, +91-9818233345

E-Mail: –

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