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Nityaksh 2015

The annual cultural fest Nityaksh’15 came to an enthralling close on 26th January, 2015. The night belonged to the popular team of Coalition Music, which enchanted the audience all the way. In a packed Amphitheatre of UB City, with people from all around the city, DJ Sanjay Dutta, DJ Beat2, VJ SuannyBunny and DJ Neyha Tolani gripped the audience with sheer panache.

Nityaksh 2015, in its 4 days journey, provided extreme competitiveness, amazing passion and moments of delight. The first two days, being the management events, provided a great platform for pan India competition and knowledge sharing. Events such as MUN (In association with UNIC) and Abhiyanam Chanakyam raised the bar with respect to innovation and creativity. Domain specific events also witnessed remarkable competition with teams showing amazing skills and tenacity. The teams from GIM, IIM Bangalore,TAPMI, SCMHRD and SIBM came out to be the winners in Arkois, Productile, and Padmavyuha events, the other events being dominated by the students of NMIMS Bangalore.

The last two days added a cultural flair to Nityaksh 2015 with events like Solo singing, Solo and Group Dance events along with two outstanding plays marking the end of first day of cultural leg of the event. The auditorium reverberated with soulful voices and mesmerizing dance performances by all the participants. But in the end, it was Jain University which came on top in solo singing as well as group dance. Abhijit from Jain University Bangalore won the solo dancing competition through his remarkable performance.

Nityaksh 2015 will be fondly remembered for its wonderful performances, nerve wrecking competition, strong group dynamics and the sheer delight provided in its 4 day journey. The show put up by the college and the cultural committee ‘Rang’ is something worth commending and it makes everybody look forward to Nityaksh 2016 with even more optimism.