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Pallavi PPallaviattapurathi (PGDM03)

My two years at NMIMS has been a beautiful journey with a bunch of “firsts”!

Apart from of course the exposure and the industry interface NMIMS, Bangalore provides, it is home to a diverse set of students from all over the country with equally diverse backgrounds. I have made friendships for a lifetime and always felt to be a part of one big family. Truly, NMIMS, Bangalore is a home away from home. With so many committees & clubs and their activities going on at the campus all year long, there is never a dull moment at NMIMS, Bangalore!
The faculty at NMIMS, Bangalore; be it the highly qualified in house faculty or the experts from diverse industries who are part of the visiting faculty, have been always very supportive. Their innovative and practical approaches have helped me to gain a very good understanding of the management concepts even though I was a fresher with no corporate exposure.
NMIMS nurtures future leaders without the person losing his individuality. With every opportunity here, we have grown towards becoming better leaders and at the same time learnt to be a team player!


Subrata Das (MPE)

 “NMIMS’s MPE is a great blend of management concepts applied to the professional domain. MPE is a crucible in which world class alchemists drop several immensely bright, tough nuts. They then turn on the heat and watch them cook to perfection. After a decade in IT realm, I have been searching for a bigger canvas, bigger role and a new path. The industry exposure, pedagogical innovation by acclaimed faculty, incisive case analyses, and highly vibrant intellectual environment make the program distinct. MPE with its focus on experiential learning and case based pedagogy was the right choice for my leap into leadership. The engagement and dialogue with the best brains have added tangible value to each one of us. MPE is a bridge between dream and reality to an aspiring entrepreneur.”

yashYash Parikh (PGDM 03) 

NMIMS Bangalore has been quite instrumental in shaping me as the person I am today. It has definitely left its mark on me, from the more realistic thinking, to having a broader outlook at things, meeting people from various walks of life, learning new concepts and conventions to name a few things.

The Institute has given me plenty of opportunities to learn and develop as an individual, not just academically but also in terms of live projects, competitions and host of other activities. The institute is constantly lively and active with plenty of student committees and clubs working throughout the year setting new benchmarks. Being a part of the Public Relations Cell and also the TEDxNMIMSBangalore committee has been a totally amazing experience and I have learned things which otherwise no book could ever teach.
I Never imagined that I would be spending the best 2 years of my life at NMIMS, meeting awesome people, achieving quite a few remarkable feats, doing all sorts of random crazy things…and looking back…I am going to  miss and cherish these memories for years to come!!
NMIMS, Bangalore is definitely headed for an amazingly bright future!!

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